How to manage traveling when you’re breastfeeding


Children are the sunshine of our lives, they are the reason we are alive and we cannot imagine how we would manage to move forward and overcome all the obstacles without our kids’ smiles. However, it is well-known that having a baby is not an easy task. It becomes challenging even from the very beginning.

Mothers usually restrict their activities because they are breastfeeding. Traveling is among these. This is why we thought that it might be helpful for mothers to know some tips for breastfeeding while traveling.


Scheduling is very important when it comes to traveling with a baby while breastfeeding. You should plan your trip carefully and find out if you are able to take breaks during the day. It is advisable to read about breastfeeding in the country that you plan to visit.

There are cultures that do not react in a positive way to breastfeeding in public and you will definitely not want to ruin your travel by arguing with local people or the police. You can ask at the restaurants or hotels if they have private rooms for mothers and babies.



While you are packing your bags, do not forget to put extra pump parts into your luggage, extra cleaning wipes and sanitizing spray. You can also take a blanket if you have a long trip on the airplane, for example. You may want to cover your baby while breastfeeding, because it may not feel so comfortable to feed the infant in public.


Maintaining milk supply

It may be a very good idea to express your milk if you are a breastfeeding mother who is traveling. We would recommend you to take regular breaks in case you are traveling by car and can stop anytime you want. If you do not feel comfortable with breastfeeding in public while traveling by plane, you can use the milk supply to feed your baby.

You will need to store the milk in clean and tightly sealed containers. If you want it to be safe for infant consumption for a longer time, you should keep it in a cooler bag that has frozen ice packs. Otherwise, at room temperature the milk is safe for approximately 7 hours.


There are a lot of mothers who are embarrassed to breastfeed in public, since there may be individuals that do not accept it. You should not be embarrassed. You are a mother, you have given birth to a human being and you are taking care of your beloved one. You are a hero and there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Do what you need to do in order to feel comfortable, and be prepared for different emergency situations.


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